The Zeegen website is dedicated to Lawrence Zeegen himself – an amazing illustrator, writer, and educator. He has been inspiring all of us with his works from then and now.  His hard work as an illustrator and graphic designer motivated us to do well in our craft and serve as an inspiration also to other people. Lawrence Zeegen has written so many books which featured his beautiful works and gave inspirations to the readers. He incorporated as much artwork as he can in his books that it was both fun and exciting to read. In the year 2014, we decided to do this website because of our admiration for Lawrence Zeegen. However, it became more open for other artists like us and in fact, it became much better than we thought. 


At first, we never knew how we will use this website or run it but after months have passed, we decided to make this website for artists - a place where you can share your own works and sell it to other people. We know how much society loves arts and we took this opportunity to let the others discover more and be inspired as well by the artists’ works. It didn’t just become a place where people could appreciate art, it also became a place that gives the artists an opportunity to show their talents to people around the world. In this website, you could show your potential, create your masterpieces, show it to others, and let them know your skills. 


For others, it can also be a place where they can start their own business from selling their own artworks. We do hold physical exhibits here wherein you could showcase your creations rather than just posting it online. This is a great opportunity for artists to pursue their dreams and choose the right path in promoting their works. Our group is very happy to know that we are able to help artists and non-artists who love arts. In this website, we share the interest and love for the same thing. We hope that many people could find our website inspiring and helpful.